Recap and refresh

Recap and refresh


With less than one month until the April 1st project submission deadline, YCC 2012 will soon head into its most thrilling phase (well, if you don’t count the feverish run-up to deadline itself - see below*). Come springtime, there will be national YCC jury appointments, European YCC jury appointments and then, of course, what everyone is waiting for: jury deliberations and selection of the YCC 2012 winners.

Before we get caught up in the excitement, it’s worth recalling the highlights of YCC 2012 so far:

Record number of participating schools – This year, over 250 applied arts schools across Europe registered for YCC 2012 (when we hit a record high of155 schools last year, we thought that was something). New YCC countries Poland and Spain bring the number of nations up to 24, two more than in YCC 2011. 

Increased prize amounts – Apart from recognition, glory and an invitation to a memorable YCC Award Night, European YCC 2012 winners will be receiving bigger monetary prizes. First-place European winners, for example, will each take home €4,000, not to mention unique behind-the-scenes work experience in a related field (the value of which, according to previous YCC winners, cannot possibly be measured).   

And on a more general note, there's simply the continued proof that YCC keeps on giving. YCC has been known to bring about concrete career opportunities, even after the celebrations have come and gone. YCC 2008 European third-place Fashion winner Neven Mihić, for example, was commissioned by Chevrolet to create outfits for a recent Geneva Motor Show (designs shown in picture).  

We’ll keep you posted on more YCC 2012 news and ongoing success stories. But now, back to finishing up those projects...

*If you are submitting a project to YCC 2012, be sure to review the submission requirements and YCC 2012 Creative Update for vital information. And do take note of the earlier-than-usual deadline of April 1st, 2012. Again, best of luck!